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July 20

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: John King, Keller Williams Residential Realty
Spotlight: Konrad Thaler, Smilin Dogs
Classification: JB Bell, JB Bell Business Consulting Int'l
Leads and Introductions: Fella Benyammi, Benyammi Family Dentistry

July 27

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: Peggy Calhoun, Garden ANew
Spotlight: Brad Brown, Brown Fin.& Insur. Sv.
Classification: Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Auto Body
Leads and Introductions: Mike Fox, A&A Plumbing

August 3

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: Leane Reelfs, Helming's Auto Repair
Spotlight: Mike Feller, Innovative Sales/Leasing
Classification: Nick Rugh, Rugh Financial, LLC
Leads and Introductions: Bobbie Fakkema, Events Etc

August 10

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: Brian Irion, Law Offices of Brian Irion
Spotlight: PEA Board
Classification: Judy Johnson, Unexpected Treasures
Leads and Introductions: Avi Safar, Footwear, Etc.

August 17

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: Barry Taleghani, Dynasty Cleaners
Special Program: PEA Program Committee Hosted Special Program
Leads and Introductions: Leane Reelfs, Helming's Auto Repair

August 24

Thursday, 7am

Greeter: Albert Ong, Ambassador Services
Spotlight: Power Partners Check-in
Classification: Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons
Leads and Introductions: Juan Navarro, Ladera Garden & Gifts

August 31


No PEA -- Enjoy the holiday!

We give special thanks to the Sheraton for their ongoing support over the many years!

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