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A brief history

The Peninsula Executives Association was founded in 1978 by leading business and professional persons in the San Francisco Bay Area for the purpose of exchanging business and information leading to business between members through networking, educational meetings or sessions, and special programs or events.


We meet each Thursday morning for breakfast and a program that includes detailed educational or informative presentations about member businesses, trends or related topics (one short one and one longer one each week), a chance to exchange leads and the opportunity for all in attendance to introduce themselves and say a word about their business activities since the last meeting.

Members also host periodic open houses. This gives the rest of the members and guests a chance to see their natural habitat and gain a better understanding of their businesses, which leads to more effective referrals, and also better business operations or processes within the membership through this sharing of best practices. The occasional social event (San Jose Sharks hockey, holiday party, picnic) encourages interaction and makes the group more cohesive.


We give special thanks to the Sheraton for their ongoing support over the many years!


We are a group of 70 (give or take) business owners and operators from a wide variety of backgrounds. A fundamental rule of the group is that there can be only one member per business classification. This encourages cooperation, avoids competition and results in a group that includes everything from an Accountant to a Web Designer (still looking for someone to fill the Zoologist classification) and many businesses in between. See the full member list. Our weekly meetings take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Palo Alto but our members have locations up and down the San Francisco Peninsula.

How to join

  1. A current PEA member is your sponsor and refers you (based on your interest and their sense of your fitness for the group ) by submitting an application.
  2. Your name is posted in the PEA newsletter for two weeks, allowing time for any members to raise possible objections.
  3. You are invited to visit with us at two breakfast meetings, so you can see us and we can see you.
  4. Someone from the Membership Committee interviews you.
  5. The Membership Committee votes to submit your application to the Board for approval.
  6. The Board votes to approve your membership
  7. You pay your initiation fee, receive a welcome packet, and you're in.

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