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Catering in 2011 with Bobbie Fakkema of Events, Etc…

Bobbie Fakkema of Events, Etc… recently shared with PEA how she has created new business opportunities in the recession.  Bobbie stressed during her talk how important it is to be flexible and willing to change.  She started a new branch of Events, Etc… last December called No Box Catering, providing local organic sustainable lunches for corporate workers without cafeterias.  She drops off platters of food that include a meat, vegetarian, salad, bread and butter, and dessert combination.  Then they come by to pick up the trays after the meal.  Currently, this branch of Bobbie’s business has about 150 clients, and although her short term goal is to serve 500 lunches per day, her long term goal is 4,000 per day.

Bobbie’s favorite type of job is event catering.  She showed PEA members some beautiful pictures from the many events she has catered over the years.  One of her favorite events was a birthday party featuring tables with green leaves for the tablecloth.  In lieu of traditional flowers, they used pods for flowers.  This is the type of event that Bobbie would like to see come back.

Although there are still concerns for Bobbie in the catering business (like increasing food costs), she prides herself on her focus on providing healthy, beautiful food!

Pillow Talk with Jill Bibo of McRoskey Mattress Company

Did you know May is Better Sleep month?  In honor of this, Jill Bibo of McRoskey Mattress Company talked to PEA about how important pillows are for better sleep.  Jill reminder us that it takes a comfortable mattress and a comfortable pillow for a really good nights sleep.

McRoskey‘s most recent and exciting addition to their Palo Alto showroom is a custom Pillow Bar.  This is the only Pillow Bar on the west coast and people have been visiting from all over the bay area to check it out.  The Pillow Bar really plays into McRoskey‘s philosophy of handcrafting the right pillow for the client as well as being locally made.  At the Pillow Bar, they assess the build of the customer as well as their primary sleeping position and find out what the client likes in a pillow.  Jill recently made two pillows for a daughter and mother that were in pursuit of the perfect pillows.  They were both petite stomach sleepers and thought McRoskey‘s pre-made soft pillow was too firm.  They were in heaven with the finished product.  Jill even embroidered their names on the pillows for the complete personal touch.

What better way to celebrate Better Sleep month than by creating your own personal pillow with McRoskey Mattress Company?  Thanks to Jill Bibo and Robin Azevedo for letting PEA in on McRoskey‘s latest addition!

Sheraton PA Staff Wins “Team of the Year”

The Sheraton Palo Alto staff won “Team of the Year” in the category Catering/Convention Services. Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto, received the award on behalf of the team at a recent convention in Hawaii.

This is the same team that provides such great service for our weekly banquet meetings at 7:00 am, so it’s no surprise to us that they are an award-winning team.

Congratulations to both Karen and the team!

Arborwell Partners with Local Charity

Here’s an update from PEA member Jon Maystrik on Arborwell’s latest charitable activities:

Peter Sortwell, Bay Area Entrepreneur,  Shows Support for Struggling Students

Peter Sortwell, CEO of Arborwell Professional Tree Management, has announced his company’s partnership with local charity Students Rising Above (SRA), an organization focused on helping Bay Area kids achieve educational success despite their circumstances.  As well as providing a generous donation for the organization, Sortwell and his company Arborwell are also providing SRA with marketing support.
During the month of January 2011, CBS 5 San Francisco will air sixty-second vignettes in which Anchor Wendy Tokuda tells the story of an individual struggling student who will benefit in part from Arborwell‘s donation.

About Arborwell
Arborwell is a professional tree management company committed to providing arboricultural services that enhance the beauty, health, safety, and value of trees.  Arborwell’s team of ISA-certified arborists studies each tree’s overall system to ensure longevity and vitality from the ground up.  Arborwell offers tree pruning, removal, preservation, installation, plant health services, and arborist consultations to contractors, commercial property managers, golf courses, municipalities, and estates.  Arborwell serves all of California.  For more information, visit

See the Arborwell web site for more information about Students Rising Above and this program.