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Meet Nichole Fox and Payroll City

Nichole Fox, Payroll City is one of PEA’s newer members.  She began her talk with a little background about Payroll City.  Nichole’s mom, Kathleen Fox, founded Payroll City in 2001 because she loves doing payroll.  Five years ago Nichole’s brother Adam Fox, a software developer, joined the company and began developing new software for Payroll City.  Nichole explained that they are unique because they are a small, family-run business and use in-house developed software.  This allows them to provide unique solutions for their clients.  They are a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Payroll Association, and they are registered IRS Tax Professionals.

Nichole shared some information she pulled from the Department of Labor, showing that most businesses have between 1 and 4 employees, with the next largest group being businesses with 5 to 9 employees.  Payroll City tries to make their services appealing to companies as large at 500 employees as well as small businesses.  They maintain a processor-to-client ratio of 1 to 125, which is lower that you usually find with larger payroll companies.  This helps them provide personal service to their clients.

The way Payroll City grows is through referrals, partnerships, an upcoming seminar series, and using their talents.  Nichole mentions that they do not compete in areas like HR, employee benefits, worker’s comp insurance, and TPA administration, and because of this they have many partners.  They can receive referrals from their partners because there is no worry about a conflict of business territory.

Payroll City has developed several customer-driven solutions to their clients’ payroll problems.  These include a robust payroll product, Quickbooks integration, point-of-sale integration, and a time and attendance product.  Nichole demonstrated the payroll product to start with.  She showed PEA how employees can securely login themselves if they need to access their past payroll information themselves.  Nichole explained that there is a lot of information available that can be broken down to the level of a single employee.  This is also when she showed how with one click, Quickbooks can be integrated with their payroll program.  This way, clients can maintain their information in Excel or Word, as needed, and this program will deposit all the information into Quickbooks.

Next, Nichole showed another piece of software Payroll City developed for point-of-sale integration.  This program resides externally from the point-of-sale system.  It extracts all of the necessary payroll data, and it can extract employees’ W-4 information and can even supplement when necessary.

Finally, Nichole showed a time and attendance program developed by them for companies that do not have a system already.  It is called the Payroll City FreeTime and this software can be connected to your main Payroll City account.  This allows you to send messages to employees and allows employees to leave notes explaining tardiness or changes to their timecard.

To see the video Nichole showed showcasing some of Payroll City‘s software, CLICK HERE!

Payroll City featured on Accounting Today!

PEA member Payroll City was recently featured in an article on!

Payroll City Launches QuickBooks Interface



Payroll processing company Payroll City has developed an interface module to help users transfer all of their payroll data with QuickBooks.

The Payroll City QuickBooks interface can map all of the payroll data to the correct class, job or item within QuickBooks. The interface is designed to eliminate redundancy and retain the integrity of payroll data as it is transferred to QuickBooks.

Upon running Payroll City’s QuickBooks interface tool, Payroll City outputs an Intuit Interchange Format file for import into QuickBooks. Users can see every check posted to a register, view an employee-level history of paycheck distributions, reprint checks, and query past payroll information. They can also view and print garnishment checks, automatically input every employee into the QuickBooks employee list, assign wages to different departments, and import by payroll batch or custom date range.

The Payroll City QuickBooks interface module resides in the Payroll City cloud environment and supports all versions of QuickBooks from 2000 to present.

“We have created a superior payroll platform that that makes it easy to integrate with accounting,” said Payroll City president Kathleen Fox. “Our goal is to continue to design easy, robust, affordable solutions that bridge the gap between payroll and other critical business systems.”

Great job Nichole Fox and Payroll City!  Click HERE to see the original article.

Dave Nishimoto of Mollie Stone’s Market Presides over the Annual Bag Off Competition

Dave Nishimoto, Mollie Stone’s Market brought the always-fun Bag Off Competition to PEA again on November 10th.  This year, he brought Linda Bueno, the deli manager, and his assistant manager Larry Bristow with him to help run the competition.

Mollie Stone’s Market was started by two men, Mike Stone and Dave Bennett, in 1979.  The original concept was to create a store that carried both organic food and regular groceries in one store.  This was an innovative concept at the time and proved successful.   There are now nine stores in the Bay Area employing around 700 people.  Dave introduced Linda Bueno to talk about the Thanksgiving menu available if you are not planning to cook for the holiday.

Linda went over the deli Thanksgiving dinner menu, which features free range turkey, bread stuffing, pan gravy, sweet potatoes and yams, green beans with sweet red peppers, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie.  You can order extra helpings of these items plus other side dishes like mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts, or butternut squash with cranberries.  Or you can order appetizers to go with your meal.

Next, Larry Bristow described the types of turkeys that you can buy at Mollie Stone’s.  In contrast to the simple days of fresh versus frozen, today’s turkey choices abound.  They include the Mollies Stone’s turkey (free range, no hormones, grown in California, $2.70 lb), the fresh Mollie bird (10 to 20 pounds, free range, $2.49 lb), the fresh Willie Bird (free range, broad breast turkey, $3.29 lb), the Kosher turkey (fresh, ranging from 10 to 16 pounds at $4.99 lb), plus three other varieties including a frozen bird.  Larry suggests that you calculate the size of your turkey at one pound per person.

For the competition, four contestants were chosen randomly from the audience.  This year, the four contestants were Susan Hamilton, VTF Services, Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing, Judy Ott, Judy Ott Organization and Design and new member Nichole Fox, Payroll City (on her first day!).  Dave reminded everyone that the grocery bagger has an important job.  If your eggs are smashed or you get home and find something missing, you will be unhappy and may not return to that grocery store.  The bagging competition is not purely a race – even weight distribution and packing delicate items carefully also counts.

Winners were announced after the break.  In second place and going home with her groceries and a gift certificate was Susan Hamilton, VTF Services. In first place also going home with groceries and a gift certificate: Nichole Fox, Payroll City Congratulations and thank you Dave Nishimoto, Mollie Stone’s Market for another fun competition!