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Palo Alto Hardware, Ocean Shore Hardware, Willow Glen Hardware, and Wisnom Hardware all become Hassett Hardware!

PEA member Larry Hassett, who will be celebrating his 20th year in PEA in September, recently announced that his four hardware stores are being renamed to Hassett ACE Hardware!

Larry’s sons Eric and Richard have posted this announcement about the recent name change:

In 1957, Bob Hassett opened up the first Hassett Hardware store, hoping to supply and serve his Campbell neighborhood with hardware and trade tools.  Little did he know that his philosphy of “customer service above all else” would be carried through to a third generation of Hassetts.  As his son Larry, and now his grandons Richard and Eric continue to grow the family business to our current four locations (Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto, San Mateo and Willow Glen) we think it’s time to honor our family hardware history by using the Hassett name as a beacon to our customers of the great service offered at all Hassett ACE Hardware stores.  We are thrilled to carry on the family-owned tradition at our San Mateo store (formerly Wisnom’s Hardware) a local family-owned business since 1905; and our store in Half Moon Bay that has been locally-owned and serving the Coastside for over 40 years.

As we continue to expand, we want to stay true to our mission: To provide the best service and product selection for the communities we serve, by empowering our family of associates to always male it right; for every customer, every time. And we want our customers to know when they’re in a Hassett ACE Hardware and that we’ll provide the same level of great customer service they’ve come to expect.  We want you to know who we are, so when you see your statement, or you call a store for help, you’ll see and hear the Hassett name and know that you’re in good hands.

Our door is always open and we’d love to introduce ourselves to you.  Anytime you’re in one of our stores, ask for us and help us be in better touch with the communities we serve.

Congratulations on the big change Larry!  To learn more about Hassett ACE Hardware stores, visit their website.

Peninsula Executives Association member Hassett Hardware


February Success Stories Round-up!

  • Dan Ingerman, Wemorph is excited to be completing a 3D display for the University Art in Palo Alto with a design by Harrington Design.
  • Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio got dremel bits he needed from Larry Hassett, Hardware Stores.  He also says that he got a project from a law firm that is just the kind he is looking for.
  • Mike Feller, Innovative Sales & Leasing commented that the Sheraton always does a great job for the various events he has attended there, which included an event the previous Sunday.
  • Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic thanked Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill, Mike FoxA&A Plumbing for their help during the renovations at his office building for the new tenant.
  • Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage said that the transmission on her car went out and she had the car towed to Larry’s Autoworks.  They got to work right away and found her a new transmission at a considerable savings compared to the dealer.  She loves having someone she trusts to do the work.
  • Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks announced that Monday, February 13th is their 40th shop anniversary.
  • John King, Keller-Williams Realty says that the housing market is picking up.  A recent listing just got 16 offers.
  • Rick Rosensweig, Morgan Stanley is a proud father.  His daughter, Colt, has a book being published on March 1 about Newt Loken, known as the father of Michigan men’s gymnastics.  He was an outstanding coach and storyteller.  It is available in print or as an eBook from Huron River Press or selected independent booksellers.
  • Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions says that he sees signs of economic improvement.  One of his clients just signed a job offer as a recruiter for a headhunting firm.
  • Werner Rogmans, Stanford Floral Design announced that his business is up 40%, thanks in part to PEA.
  • Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist had a can of Rustoleom explode in her garage, spattering her husband’s car.  They thought the car would need to be repainted and took it to Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Autobody. Scott’s crew was able to get the car cleaned up for only $150, no repainting needed.
  • Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… thanked Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing, saying that she had them install a wire grating over her gutter to help keep out leaves and debris.
  • Robin Azevedo, McRoskey Mattress Company thanked Duane Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting for the paint job in her store.  She also showed a photo of a McRoskey bed beautifully decorated by Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill.  They have an upcoming program on how to make a well-made bed.

Design Trends in 2012 with Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill

Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill and her husband Larick have owned their architectural practice for 30 years.  They have designed over 500 homes in the Bay Area and more than 2 million square feet of office space.  Larick Alan Hill can do everything from initial design to project management.

Last month, Fawni shared some new trends in architecture and design with PEA.  She said the three top trends right now are height (buildings are getting taller), sustainability (use of eco-friendly materials, especially important in the US) and biologically-inspired spaces (trying to bring the outside in).

Some trends in the workplace include the use of glass. Offices are becoming more open, with best views given to employees rather than executives.  Another interesting trend is the reduction in the use of cubicles.  Instead the workplace is becoming more communal.

Residential trends include more multi-family homes and more communal living. Even in single-family homes, people are looking for more multi-use spaces with huge kitchens.  Fawni says the kitchen has become the hub of the house, where the family gathers to eat and socialize with friends.  Dining rooms are being used for other things, like as a computer area. Although people want to be energy conscience, they still want luxury on a small scale, meaning comfort rather than expense. Fawni says that as the baby boomers are aging, they want to stay in their home and are retrofitting them to make their homes wheelchair accessible.

Fawni ended by identifying current color trends.  She says neutral colors are in, like colors of anything you find in the American landscape (blue oceans, gray rocks, green grass, etc.). Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a gray-blue called Wythe blue (HC-143, see below!)  Fawni highly recommends Benjamin Moore paints, and says you can get them from Larry Hassett at Palo Alto Hardware.


Read more about the color of the year here.

January 2012 Success Stories Round-up!

PEA businesses are starting 2012 off well!  Congratulations on everyone’s successes this month.

  • Bette Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting thanked Tom Brown, All Reasons Moving and Terry Pebbles, Optimum Floors.  Terry put in a beautiful hardwood floor for a client and All Reasons not only moved the furniture out for the installation, when they moved it back in they put on anti-scratch pads.
  • Dan Ingerman, Wemorph said that they just worked on designing a set for a TV show.  The TV show is based in Palo Alto and Dan will be talking about sustainability.
  • Larry Hassett, Hardware Stores took a car that needed body work to Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Autobody. He wrote a positive review for Scott’s web site, which entered him into a drawing.  Larry won a Flip Video camera, which he likes a lot.
  • Jon Maystrik, Arborwell Professional Tree Management had a great year last year.  Arborwell had great growth last year especially in Southern California.  Jon had a great year personally and thanked PEA for contributing to that.
  • Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler was in New York last week and wanted to report that the Christmas holiday season was good for them.  She thanked everyone at PEA who helped make that possible.
  • Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions, says that this has been a good year so far for his clients.  One just signed off on a job as an IT Director with a pay raise.  Another was hired with a sign-on bonus at PayPal.
  • Albert Ong, Ambassador Services signed a big contract with Stanford.  He immediately had to go in with one day’s notice to clean carpets before a Saturday event.
  • Avi Safar, Footwear, Etc., said that December was a record month for them, especially in the Palo Alto and Los Altos stores.
  • Judy Johnson, Unexpected Treasures thanked Robin Azevedo, McRoskey Mattress Company for sending the most interesting new client in several years.  She also thanked Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing for a lead on a job in Atherton.
  • Shawn McMillan, Connoisseur Coffee thanked everyone for the orders over the last week.  It has been 13 months since the fire and he is now hoping to re-open in a few more months.
  • Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage says that in doing her business tracking at the end of the year, she saw that 25% of her business came through Yelp.  Anyone who doesn’t have a Yelp profile should be working to correct that.
  • Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing thanked Bob Rosenberg, GR8WORK Builders, Inc. for a lead on job in Portola Valley.
  • Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… thanked Jeff Badzik, Perfection Auto Detail for the beautiful detailing on her car.  She also thanked Laurie and Larry Moore, Larry’s Autoworks for going over her car (one of the things she bought at the Holiday Auction).
  • Carol Garsten, Nature Gallery said there is a good reason why you haven’t seen her at the meetings lately – she is moving the Nature Gallery to a new location in Los Altos.  The new address is 296 State Street, Los Altos.  She plans a Grand Opening on February 10.  She also reported that January was her best January in 25 years of business.  She thanked Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler for sponsoring her in PEA and suggesting the Los Altos location.  She thanked Dave Dove, Cassidy Turley BT Commercial, for helping her negotiate the lease in her new location. Finally, she thanked Susan Hamilton, VTF Services for the help with the plants.
  • Larry Moore, Larry’s Autoworks thanked Jon Maystrik, Arborwell Professional Tree Management for the beautiful job they did on their trees.   The neighbors came over and complimented the job.  Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks thanked Susan Hamilton, VTF Services, for coming over and taking piles of redwood chips from their tree trimming project.
  • Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons thanked Dan Ingerman, Wemorph for the new Seniors Seasons sign-on-a-stand.  This solves an upcoming problem of needing to be in two places at once, thus needing a second banner.
  • Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist announced that last Wednesday was her last in San Mateo.  She is now only going to her San Mateo office on Mondays.  While she feared that her patients would be unhappy about this change, she got positive responses from them.
  • Gary Rudolph, Rudolph’s Interiors thanked Angelo Izzo, California Business Opportunities for his help investigating a business opportunity.

December Success Stories Round-up!

PEA rings in the new year with our last Success Stories Round-up of 2011!

August Success Stories Round-up!

It’s that time again… time to celebrate successes in August!

PEA in the Best of Palo Alto 2011!

The results are in!  PEA is happy to announce that four of our business were voted the Best of Palo Alto!

Congratulations to the following PEA businesses:

Larry’s AutoWorks was voted Best Auto Care!  Larry’s was also the runner-up for Best Auto Repair in the Best of Mountain View 2011 voting.  Congratulations Larry and Laurie Moore!

Cardoza-Bungey Travel was voted Best Travel Agency!  Congratulations Karen Olson!

Stanford Floral Design was voted Best Florist!  Congratulations Werner Rogmans!

Finally, Palo Alto Hardware was not only voted Best Green Business, but also Best Hardware Store!  Congratulations Larry Hassett!

For the full list of Best of Palo Alto businesses and the source of the above images, follow this link.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas with PEA Businesses!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching (June 19th!).  Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband, uncle, dad, grandfather, or any other special man in your life featuring some of our PEA businesses: