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Tools of the Trade with Jeff Badzik of Perfection Auto Detail

PEA member Jeff Badzik of Perfection Auto Detail is a long time entrepreneur.  He and a friend started the original car detailing service in the late 1970’s.  The friend went on to work on other things and Jeff eventually started running the business full time.  On March 2nd, Jeff shared with us some of the different tools and products he uses to get the cars he works on squeaky clean!

One tool that gets a lot of use is a special dog hair removal tool (used for a lot of PEA vehicles, apparently!).  Another is a headlight polisher.  Jeff explained that to clean yellowed headlights they sand the headlight with a fine sandpaper, polish with rouge and finish it off with a clear lacquer.  Larry Moore of Larry’s Autoworks commented that compared to $600 to $700 for new headlights, this $60 polishing is a great deal!  Jeff also has special products for removing the hardest stains of all- red stains (like fruit punch).

Jeff uses products that are environmentally friendly, with no perfumes or dyes.  For those especially sensitive to cleaning products, he even has a steam cleaner (also very effective at getting out smoke odors!).  Jeff can also clean tough dirt and industrial fallout with stains and a special fallout remover.  He also recommends Lexal leather conditioner, rather than Armorall, for leather.  Jeff explains that Armorall is fine for tires (which is what it was originally intended for), but shouldn’t be used on dashboards and leather interiors.

Many PEA members attested to the miracles Jeff and Perfection Auto Detail have worked on even disastrously dirty cars!