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Other Awards from the 2012 Anniversary Meeting

Besides the prestigious Craig Calkins Executive of the Year Award (presented this year to Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto), PEA hands out many other awards at the annual Anniversary meeting. Here are some highlights of this year’s awards!

Fun statistics:

Breakfasts consumed in 2011: …… 2,571.

Total leads given:…… 5,260 (Direct: 3,240. Referral: 1,580. Internet: 440)

New Members: President Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing recognized the new members of 2011, and presented the certificate award for Rookie of the Year to new member Gary Rudolph, Rudolph’s Interiors!

Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following people were recognized for giving leads in the triple digits last year-

Mike awarded the certificate for Most Direct Leads Given to Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… who gave the most direct leads(171)  after Hall of Famers Larry and Laurie Moore (268).

Referral Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following two people gave referral leads in the triple digits-

He awarded the certificate for Most Referral Leads Given to Judy Ott, Judy Ott Organization and Design!  (She and runner-up Bette Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting have been in the triple digits four years running!)

Best Attendance: Tie for first place went to Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks and Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic

Honorable Mention Attendance: Only one meeting behind the best attendance members, honorable mention attendance was a tie between Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing, Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist, and Julie and Rick Stern, Stern Mortgage

Award Certificates: Mike presented Certificates of Award to the following members:

Mike also congratulated Paul Kraus, formerly of GoodCo Press, who was visiting and is our newest Emeritus Member.

We concluded by all making a toast to PEA’s 34th anniversary!

How to Really Clean your Mouth with Dr. Fella Benyammi, Benyammi Family Dentistry

Dr. Don Miller, Honorary Member, introduced Dr. Fella Benyammi, Benyammi Family Dentistry.  Don has known Fella for about 20 years, first as his chair side assistant and eventually as the person who took over his practice when he retired.

Fella and her team began by talking about the importance of measuring gum pockets by probing at each hygiene appointment.  By probing, they can check the health of the gum tissue surrounding the tooth.  The probe has a gauge for measuring the depth of the pocket.  Anything over 4mm is a warning sign and over 5mm is a sign of periodontitis.  They ran a short video clip demonstrating probing the gums.

Bacteria in the mouth are one cause of bad breath, as is smoking and chewing tobacco.  Dry mouth can also cause bad breath.  Fella brought in sample packs of a new oral rinse called CloSYS that kills 99% of the bacteria in your mouth in 10 seconds.  It does not contain alcohol and does not sting your mouth.  She recommends that you use it after brushing and flossing.

Proper brushing was the focus of another video clip.  Fella recommends a soft or extra soft brush.  Fella also recommends electric toothbrushes. Too vigorous brushing with too hard a brush can erode the enamel on your teeth or cause your gums to recede.  Brushing before breakfast neutralizes the Ph in your mouth (which becomes acid overnight).

Flossing may not be your favorite activity but it is really essential to good oral hygiene.  While they can be helpful, Proxa brushes, gum stimulators and water piks do not replace flossing.  Floss at night with a C-shaped motion.  Fella recommends Glide floss.  Please do not reuse your floss.  To reach your back teeth, you can try using flossing aids with a little handle.

For some of us, tongue scrapers are a novel tool for oral hygiene.  Fella’s sample kit included a plastic tongue scraper and well as a Nimbus brand extra soft toothbrush.  Fella does recommend cleaning your tongue with either a toothbrush or a tongue scraper.  This can also be helpful for controlling bad breath.

Besides PEA, Dr. Fella Benyammi, Benyammi Family Dentistry is also a member of the American Dental Association, California, Dental Association, Mid-Peninsula Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, United States Dental Institute, and the International Association for Orthodontics.