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April Success Stories Round-up!

March Success Stories Round-up!

  • Laurie Moore, Larry’s Autoworks thanked Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage for the refinance.
  • Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio got a call from another attorney from the law firm that he mentioned in his classification for more visual information design.  His work will also be used by the Los Altos Rotary for their upcoming Fine Arts in the Park.
  • Randy Mills, Pioneer Services bought a new van through Mike Feller, Innovative Sales & Leasing and said it was much better than going through a dealership.
  • Maureen Clark, Clark Associates thanked Mike Fox, A&A Plumbing for coming to the rescue again.
  • Tom Brown, All Reasons Moving reported that they just finished looking at their quarterly results and were up 25% in January and 15% in February.
  • Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons thanked David Gaskill, D.B. Gaskill Advertising Specialties for fulfilling her small order – buttons congratulating a friend who just won an award for being an exceptional woman in publishing.
  • Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler reported that they won Best Jewelry Store and Best Watch Repair.
  • Judy Ott, Judy Ott Organization and Design thanked Dan Ingerman, Wemorph for the postcards she handed out at a recent presentation. Lastly, she thanked Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions who has help her friend from out of state find a job at Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga (Go Gaels!).
  • John Sylvester, SST Insurance Brokers had his hair cut by the President… of PEA, Susan Scott, Expressions Salon.
  • David Gaskill, D.B. Gaskill Advertising Specialties thanked Carol Garsten, Nature Gallery for the amethyst he bought for his wife and Mike Feller, Innovative Sales & Leasing for the help with getting his brand new Prius.
  • Avi Safar, Footwear, Etc said after throwing his back out on Monday he saw Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic who adjusted him and used a laser treatment on his back.  Only three hours later, Avi felt much better.
  • Skip Gould, San Mateo Daily Journal thanked Judy Johnson, Unexpected Treasures for running an ad in the paper for her recent estate sale.  He was able to get the ad in past the normal deadline and was happy to hear the sale was a success.
  • Executive Director Neal Coogler, announced a success for PEA.  The PEA Facebook page now has more than 35 ‘Likes’!  Mike Clark, Michael J. Clark, CPA won the grand prize drawing for three pounds of Connoisseur Coffee.
  • Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist recently had her car in the shop at Larry’s Autoworks. She really appreciates the top notch service there, including the fact that they take time to thoroughly answer all her questions.
  • Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto thanked Werner Rogmans, Stanford Floral Design for his help weekend before last.  She was attending a housewarming party and needed a gift.  She went by Werner’s shop and he arranged a beautiful house plant for her.
  • Nichole Fox, Payroll City announced that they have just taken on a big new client.  The client, who has 135 employees, went from a big name payroll service to Payroll City and in the process is going from an annual cost of $13,000 to $8,000.
  • Dr. Linda Hur, Mountain View Optometry thanked Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Autobody, for fixing her car for the second time.
  • Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage won a pound of Connoisseur Coffee in the PEA Facebook page contest a week or two ago.  She gave the coffee to her aunt, who is a dedicated coffee drinker.  Her aunt loved the coffee and ordered three more pounds through Julie.

Other Awards from the 2012 Anniversary Meeting

Besides the prestigious Craig Calkins Executive of the Year Award (presented this year to Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto), PEA hands out many other awards at the annual Anniversary meeting. Here are some highlights of this year’s awards!

Fun statistics:

Breakfasts consumed in 2011: …… 2,571.

Total leads given:…… 5,260 (Direct: 3,240. Referral: 1,580. Internet: 440)

New Members: President Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing recognized the new members of 2011, and presented the certificate award for Rookie of the Year to new member Gary Rudolph, Rudolph’s Interiors!

Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following people were recognized for giving leads in the triple digits last year-

Mike awarded the certificate for Most Direct Leads Given to Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… who gave the most direct leads(171)  after Hall of Famers Larry and Laurie Moore (268).

Referral Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following two people gave referral leads in the triple digits-

He awarded the certificate for Most Referral Leads Given to Judy Ott, Judy Ott Organization and Design!  (She and runner-up Bette Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting have been in the triple digits four years running!)

Best Attendance: Tie for first place went to Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks and Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic

Honorable Mention Attendance: Only one meeting behind the best attendance members, honorable mention attendance was a tie between Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing, Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist, and Julie and Rick Stern, Stern Mortgage

Award Certificates: Mike presented Certificates of Award to the following members:

Mike also congratulated Paul Kraus, formerly of GoodCo Press, who was visiting and is our newest Emeritus Member.

We concluded by all making a toast to PEA’s 34th anniversary!

February Success Stories Round-up!

  • Dan Ingerman, Wemorph is excited to be completing a 3D display for the University Art in Palo Alto with a design by Harrington Design.
  • Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio got dremel bits he needed from Larry Hassett, Hardware Stores.  He also says that he got a project from a law firm that is just the kind he is looking for.
  • Mike Feller, Innovative Sales & Leasing commented that the Sheraton always does a great job for the various events he has attended there, which included an event the previous Sunday.
  • Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic thanked Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill, Mike FoxA&A Plumbing for their help during the renovations at his office building for the new tenant.
  • Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage said that the transmission on her car went out and she had the car towed to Larry’s Autoworks.  They got to work right away and found her a new transmission at a considerable savings compared to the dealer.  She loves having someone she trusts to do the work.
  • Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks announced that Monday, February 13th is their 40th shop anniversary.
  • John King, Keller-Williams Realty says that the housing market is picking up.  A recent listing just got 16 offers.
  • Rick Rosensweig, Morgan Stanley is a proud father.  His daughter, Colt, has a book being published on March 1 about Newt Loken, known as the father of Michigan men’s gymnastics.  He was an outstanding coach and storyteller.  It is available in print or as an eBook from Huron River Press or selected independent booksellers.
  • Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions says that he sees signs of economic improvement.  One of his clients just signed a job offer as a recruiter for a headhunting firm.
  • Werner Rogmans, Stanford Floral Design announced that his business is up 40%, thanks in part to PEA.
  • Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist had a can of Rustoleom explode in her garage, spattering her husband’s car.  They thought the car would need to be repainted and took it to Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Autobody. Scott’s crew was able to get the car cleaned up for only $150, no repainting needed.
  • Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… thanked Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing, saying that she had them install a wire grating over her gutter to help keep out leaves and debris.
  • Robin Azevedo, McRoskey Mattress Company thanked Duane Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting for the paint job in her store.  She also showed a photo of a McRoskey bed beautifully decorated by Fawni Hill, Larick Alan Hill.  They have an upcoming program on how to make a well-made bed.

Guest Post: Finding the REAL Job Market (part 2) with Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions

Thanks to Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions for writing our guest blog posts this week!  Catch up with Part 1 HERE.

Finding the REAL Job Market (part 2)

We left off on Monday talking about the problem of finding hidden jobs.  Richard told us that, fortunately, it is possible to find and access that 80% of jobs that are hidden.  Here’s how:

1.  Define your preferred work role and setting

First, you need a clear definition of the work role and setting that meets your criteria for satisfaction and that utilizes your skills and experience.  You may already be very clear about what you are looking for, or you may need to do some assessment and research to clarify your role and setting target.

2. Focus on setting rather than role

Next, instead of concentrating your efforts on looking for a job role, focus on looking for an employment setting.  For example, in identifying your ideal work role you decide that you want to use your in-depth knowledge of left-handed gizmo tooling in the role of Director of Gizmos.  In defining your ideal work setting, you know that you want to remain in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Further, you would prefer working for a mid-sized company with rapid growth prospects because you like being in that kind of dynamic environment.

3. Create an employer “Short List”

Given these criteria, your job search just became much more focused.  Your next move is to find all the mid-sized, rapidly growing left-handed gizmo manufacturers in the Bay Area. Finding these employers is an infinitely easier task than finding a job because while 80% of jobs are potentially hidden, close to 100% of viable employers are clearly visible to anyone with rudimentary internet search skills.

4. Check for visible jobs

Once you have created your “short list” of potential employers, you then need to determine if any of them have posted a suitable job in the visible job market.  Probably the easiest way to do this is to check the company website “Careers” section.   You may get lucky and find a listing you can apply to.  If so, move as quickly as you can.  Many jobs don’t get listed on company sites until late in the process because the hiring manager may have already looked for and be interviewing qualified candidates found using other methods.

5. Access the hidden job market

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a listing on the company site or a job board. Many hiring managers will first use other methods to find qualified candidates.  These methods include:

  • Asking current employees and colleagues for recommendations.
  • Posting the job on the internal “employees only” website.
  • Posting the job on membership sites run by professional associations.
  • Hiring a search firm to find candidates.

Gaining access to these sources of job leads can be a challenge, of course.   However,  some basic strategies will help, including:

  • Asking network contacts for introductions, advice and help.
  • Finding a current employee who will check the internal job listings for you.
  • Listing companies of interest on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Having a strong LinkedIn profile that will interest search firms.
  • Making “cold contacts” directly with your targeted companies.

By following this process, you will enhance your job search effectiveness enormously because you will be covering both the visible and hidden job “markets.”  Hopefully, you will come close to covering 100% of the possible openings.  And maybe, you will be the first to know about an opening that’s just right for you and so have the hiring manager’s attention all to yourself!

Guest Post: Finding the REAL Job Market (part 1) with Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions

Thanks to Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions for writing a guest blog post this week!  Check back for Part 2 of his article on Wednesday.

Finding the REAL Job Market (part 1)

Someone once asked me what I considered to be the number one myth that job hunters believe to be true, but isn’t.  My reply was “They believe there is a job market.”

A market is a place where sellers and buyers can meet to exchange one thing of value for another.  As Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute? pointed out over twenty years ago, the “job market” is largely an idea and not something that actually exists.  Certainly, if other markets were organized (or disorganized) the way the job market is, none of us would be able to find food, clothing, or any of the other basics of life.  If you consider work to be one of the basics of life, then it is no surprise that work can often be so hard to find.

There are approximately 15 million employers in the United States and in total, these organizations provide millions of jobs.  Obviously, there is no place where all of the jobs available from these 15 million organizations are listed.  And even if there was a job “market” available, employers might not use it unless compelled by government regulations.  Even then, they would probably find a way around the regulations.

Why? Because when employers announce that they want to hire a worker, through a listing on a job board, for example, they risk being flooded with resumes, many of which,  if not all, are from unqualified applicants.  Sorting through this mass of resumes takes time away from other tasks which are probably in need of urgent attention because the enterprise is understaffed, hence the need to hire.  It is a vicious circle and employers do what they can to avoid it, particularly during recessionary times when there are many people looking for work.

Estimates vary, but a safe guess is that only 20% of all available jobs are advertised visibly in some form such as online postings or classified print advertising. The career literature often labels this 20% the “visible” job market.  This leaves 80% of jobs that are not advertised or are advertised in limited ways that require special access.  Examples of limited access include the company’s internal job postings, subscription job sites and professional association job boards.  This 80% is often labeled the “hidden” job market.  But the very fact that it is hidden makes it not function very effectively as a market.

Fortunately, it is possible to find and access that 80% of jobs that are hidden.

Check back on Wednesday to read Part 2 of “Finding the REAL Job Market” by Richard PhillipsAdvantage Career Solutions!

January 2012 Success Stories Round-up!

PEA businesses are starting 2012 off well!  Congratulations on everyone’s successes this month.

  • Bette Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting thanked Tom Brown, All Reasons Moving and Terry Pebbles, Optimum Floors.  Terry put in a beautiful hardwood floor for a client and All Reasons not only moved the furniture out for the installation, when they moved it back in they put on anti-scratch pads.
  • Dan Ingerman, Wemorph said that they just worked on designing a set for a TV show.  The TV show is based in Palo Alto and Dan will be talking about sustainability.
  • Larry Hassett, Hardware Stores took a car that needed body work to Scott Yeaman, Yeaman Autobody. He wrote a positive review for Scott’s web site, which entered him into a drawing.  Larry won a Flip Video camera, which he likes a lot.
  • Jon Maystrik, Arborwell Professional Tree Management had a great year last year.  Arborwell had great growth last year especially in Southern California.  Jon had a great year personally and thanked PEA for contributing to that.
  • Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler was in New York last week and wanted to report that the Christmas holiday season was good for them.  She thanked everyone at PEA who helped make that possible.
  • Richard Phillips, Advantage Career Solutions, says that this has been a good year so far for his clients.  One just signed off on a job as an IT Director with a pay raise.  Another was hired with a sign-on bonus at PayPal.
  • Albert Ong, Ambassador Services signed a big contract with Stanford.  He immediately had to go in with one day’s notice to clean carpets before a Saturday event.
  • Avi Safar, Footwear, Etc., said that December was a record month for them, especially in the Palo Alto and Los Altos stores.
  • Judy Johnson, Unexpected Treasures thanked Robin Azevedo, McRoskey Mattress Company for sending the most interesting new client in several years.  She also thanked Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing for a lead on a job in Atherton.
  • Shawn McMillan, Connoisseur Coffee thanked everyone for the orders over the last week.  It has been 13 months since the fire and he is now hoping to re-open in a few more months.
  • Julie Fukuhara, Stern Mortgage says that in doing her business tracking at the end of the year, she saw that 25% of her business came through Yelp.  Anyone who doesn’t have a Yelp profile should be working to correct that.
  • Darnel Rogan, Saber Roofing thanked Bob Rosenberg, GR8WORK Builders, Inc. for a lead on job in Portola Valley.
  • Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… thanked Jeff Badzik, Perfection Auto Detail for the beautiful detailing on her car.  She also thanked Laurie and Larry Moore, Larry’s Autoworks for going over her car (one of the things she bought at the Holiday Auction).
  • Carol Garsten, Nature Gallery said there is a good reason why you haven’t seen her at the meetings lately – she is moving the Nature Gallery to a new location in Los Altos.  The new address is 296 State Street, Los Altos.  She plans a Grand Opening on February 10.  She also reported that January was her best January in 25 years of business.  She thanked Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler for sponsoring her in PEA and suggesting the Los Altos location.  She thanked Dave Dove, Cassidy Turley BT Commercial, for helping her negotiate the lease in her new location. Finally, she thanked Susan Hamilton, VTF Services for the help with the plants.
  • Larry Moore, Larry’s Autoworks thanked Jon Maystrik, Arborwell Professional Tree Management for the beautiful job they did on their trees.   The neighbors came over and complimented the job.  Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks thanked Susan Hamilton, VTF Services, for coming over and taking piles of redwood chips from their tree trimming project.
  • Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons thanked Dan Ingerman, Wemorph for the new Seniors Seasons sign-on-a-stand.  This solves an upcoming problem of needing to be in two places at once, thus needing a second banner.
  • Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist announced that last Wednesday was her last in San Mateo.  She is now only going to her San Mateo office on Mondays.  While she feared that her patients would be unhappy about this change, she got positive responses from them.
  • Gary Rudolph, Rudolph’s Interiors thanked Angelo Izzo, California Business Opportunities for his help investigating a business opportunity.