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360 Payment Solutions to Receive Small Business of the Year Award

360-payment-solutionsThe San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce has chosen 360 Payment Solutions Small Business of The Year. The award will be presented at the Annual Membership Dinner on Thursday, February 2th at the Double Tree by Hilton in San José.

360 Payment Solutions offers affordable credit/debit card processing payment acceptance solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Lisa Coyle, Jesse Meddaugh, and Steve Ciabattoni started 360 Payment Solutions with no outside investment in March of 2011, and the young company now provides credit card processing for nearly 3,000 small and mid-sized businesses throughout Silicon Valley. The company’s organic growth can be attributed to its belief in full disclosure and high standard of ethics in an unregulated financial industry. 360 Payments has been recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing private companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal the last two years.

360 Payment Solutions  is a proud member of the Peninsula Executives Association, an active referral network of San Francisco Peninsula business professionals. Though diverse in the variety of businesses represented, we are united since 1978 by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of business owners and operators.

For more information, please contact 360 Payment Solutions at 408-295-8360 or via email.

About Peninsula Executives Association (PEA)

Peninsula Executives Association (PEA) is an active referral network of San Francisco Peninsula business professionals. We come together weekly to expand our understanding, exchange business leads, and socialize over breakfast.

Though diverse in the variety of businesses represented, we are united by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of business owners and operators.

For more information


Excellence in Healthcare Award Goes to PEA Member and Surgeon Al Butner


Dr. Alfred Butner is a Health Care HeroPEA members turned out in force to celebrate the awarding of the Excellence in Healthcare (a.k.a Healthcare Hero) Award to long-time member Dr. Alfred Butner at a ceremony on August 8, 2013.  The award was presented by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Al had a 42-year medical career as a general surgeon and has been responsible for many “firsts” throughout his career.  He helped expand minimally invasive surgery to general surgery and was one of the first surgeons to use this type of technique for gallbladder surgery.  His practice was initially general surgery with an interest in breast diseases.  By the end of his career, he was focused on breast surgery, including diagnosis, treatment, and providing second opinions.  Before his retirement in 2012, he helped establish a breast care clinic at the Veteran’s Administration Palo Alto Health Care System.  Read more about Al’s career accomplishments on the Silicon Valley Business Journal website.

Speaking personally, I know of no physician more deserving of this award than Dr. Butner.  I have never known a doctor as committed to his patients, to keeping up with the latest information and technology, or as kind and giving of his time and advice as Dr. Butner.  I have been the grateful recipient many times of Dr. Butner’s medical advice on issues that worried me, whether they were my own personal health concerns or concerns regarding a family member or friend.  He somehow manages to be a straight shooter while also wrapping his information in kindness.  I have worked with Dr. Butner as well as been a patient and I can attest to the high esteem in which his patients hold him.  He has been semi-retired for several years and there are many former patients who have chosen to continue to see him whenever he is available to see them.  I can’t count the times a patient expressed deep relief that he was still available for consultations during this time.  We even had some patients travel from out of state to continue to see him!  I think this speaks volumes not only about his expertise but also on his ability to connect with patients, a rare quality in a surgeon.

Dr. Alfred Butner has been an enthusiastic member of the Peninsula Executives Association since 1984.  He was awarded the Craig Calkins Memorial Executive of the Year award in 2003 and served as President from March 2005 through February 2006.  He was awarded the highest honor at PEA, Honorary Membership in 2009.

Congrats to PEA Members Recently Voted People’s Choice Winners by The Daily News

The Palo Alto Daily News recently asked their readers who the best businesses were in Palo Alto, and they recognized 11 PEA businesses!

Congratulations to the following PEA businesses for being voted the 2013 People’s Choice winners:

Best Auto Body Shop (Paint and Body work): Yeaman Auto Body

Best Florist: Stanford Floral Design

Best Jewelry Store AND Best Watch Repair: Gleim the Jeweler

Best Auto Mechanic Shop: Larry’s Autoworks

Best Home Contractor: GR8WORK Builders Inc.

Best Optometrist: Mountain View Optometry

Best House Painter: Pro-Staff Painting

Best Plumber: A&A Plumbing

Best Realtor AND Best Real Estate Broker: John W. King, Keller Williams Realty (check out John’s blog UNreal Estate here!)

Best Mortgage Banker: Julie Fukuhara, Wells Fargo Private Bank

2nd Place for Best Local Market: Mollie Stone’s Palo Alto

Congratulations again to all of our PEA businesses! Click HERE to read the article and see a full list of winners.

Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s Autoworks were recently featured in Shop Owner Magazine!

Long time PEA members Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s Autoworks was recently featured in a nationwide magazine, Shop Owner Magazine!

In the article, Larry describes how he first got into the auto repair business and the ways he adapts to the changes in his industry.  He emphasizes in the article how important networking has been for him over the last 30 years.

Being a member of local business groups has helped me stay on top of what is going on locally and also make ­adjustments. Business is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay in touch with others in the same boat. Some of my most effective business practices have come from discussions with other business owners.

Their article can be found in the featured articles section on Shop Owner Magazine’s home page, or you can click to read the full article here!

Congratulations Larry, Laurie, and the whole team at Larry’s Autoworks!

Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic Offices Invited to Stanford Sponsored Spine Clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic Offices on his invitation and participation at a Stanford sponsored spine clinic!  The clinic was hosted at the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara.  Below, Chuck is pictured below with Don Williams and John McIntyre.  Great job Chuck!

Image Provided by Dr. Chuck Fulanovich (Click Image to Enlarge)

Interested in joining PEA? Click HERE to learn more about becoming a member!

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Other Awards from the 2012 Anniversary Meeting

Besides the prestigious Craig Calkins Executive of the Year Award (presented this year to Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto), PEA hands out many other awards at the annual Anniversary meeting. Here are some highlights of this year’s awards!

Fun statistics:

Breakfasts consumed in 2011: …… 2,571.

Total leads given:…… 5,260 (Direct: 3,240. Referral: 1,580. Internet: 440)

New Members: President Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing recognized the new members of 2011, and presented the certificate award for Rookie of the Year to new member Gary Rudolph, Rudolph’s Interiors!

Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following people were recognized for giving leads in the triple digits last year-

Mike awarded the certificate for Most Direct Leads Given to Bobbie Fakkema, Events, Etc… who gave the most direct leads(171)  after Hall of Famers Larry and Laurie Moore (268).

Referral Leads Given in the Triple Digits: The following two people gave referral leads in the triple digits-

He awarded the certificate for Most Referral Leads Given to Judy Ott, Judy Ott Organization and Design!  (She and runner-up Bette Asbra, Pro-Staff Painting have been in the triple digits four years running!)

Best Attendance: Tie for first place went to Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks and Dr. Chuck Fulanovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic

Honorable Mention Attendance: Only one meeting behind the best attendance members, honorable mention attendance was a tie between Mike Feller, Innovative Sales and Leasing, Dr. Leta Zwiebel, Psychologist, and Julie and Rick Stern, Stern Mortgage

Award Certificates: Mike presented Certificates of Award to the following members:

Mike also congratulated Paul Kraus, formerly of GoodCo Press, who was visiting and is our newest Emeritus Member.

We concluded by all making a toast to PEA’s 34th anniversary!

2011 Craig Calkins Memorial Executive of the Year Award

Every year PEA awards one of their members the prestigious Craig Calkins Executive of the Year award.  This award was named after one of PEA’s founding members, Craig Calkins.  Leading up to the announcement of the 2011 winner, PEA members shared some background and stories about Craig.

Dr. Chuck Fulonovich, Palo Alto Chiropractic read this piece by Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler that he thought captured Craig well.

Craig Calkins, one of our founding members, set us all a humbling example of what a PEA member should be. Craig arrived early at every meeting with the goal of learning more about one of his fellow members. He never sat with the same group each week. He always assumed that there was something fascinating about each individual, and about their business, that he would benefit from learning. He made sure to make every new member feel welcome, greeting them by name each week. He carried the PEA roster with him during every working day, knowing he might have the opportunity, in talking with a client, to help both the client and his fellow PEA member by making a referral. He regarded meetings and open houses as business appointments, and realized the importance of giving back to the organization by serving on the board and on committees. Craig represented the heart and soul of the organization. He would be proud to see the energy and dedication in the room every Thursday morning, so many years after he and his friends first got together to help each other do more business.

In his honor, PEA’s Executive of the Year award is named for him, recognizing members who embody Craig’s dedication, energy and professionalism.

Craig was Chuck’s sponsor and Chuck still remembers Craig very fondly.

Don Miller, Honorary Member also spoke to the group about the Craig Calkins Executive of the Year award and Craig Calkins the person.  Don was the 2nd recipient of the award back in 1989.  Don noted that 14 of the past recipients are still coming to PEA (out of a total of 23).  Don encouraged members to try to be more like Craig by staying for the entire meeting – everyone has commitments and he encourages members to tweak their schedules so that they can stay until 8:30.

Finally, Georgie Gleim, Gleim the Jeweler spoke to the group.  Georgie is another long-time PEA member who knew Craig personally.  The qualities of a Craig Calkins Executive of the Year winner do indeed describe what Craig was like.  He was a consummate lead-giver and believed that lead-giving is the life blood of the organization.  His attendance was superlative and he always stayed for the entire meeting.  The criteria for the Craig Calkins award are:

  • Leads – quality, quantity, follow-through
  • Networking – meeting and participating with other firms, helping them to develop business
  • Service – serving on the Board of Directors or on committees and on other community projects
  • Attendance – making an effort to attend every meeting
  • Deportment – projecting a self-image beyond reproach
  • Professional Attributes – integrity, support, enthusiasm, consistency, inspiration, dedication, and commitment.

This year Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio presented the 2011 Executive of the Year award.  The winner is a dedicated member of PEA.  Some of the ways the nominating committee described the winner was a helpful person, good leads-giver, no-nonsense and professional.  This person does the little things that make PEA better.  This person helps with panel discussions, set-up and clean-up, and even modeled at the auction as an elf!  This person is the Chair of a committee (and Chair of the omelets station!) and goes above and beyond at PEA.  The winner is open, giving, cheerful, and enthusiastic.

The 2011 Craig Calkins Executive of the Year award was presented to…

Karen Bowne, Sheraton Palo Alto!

Congratulations Karen!!

Congratulations Sam Harding, Retirement Administration on your Community Service Award!

Sam Harding, Retirement Administration recently won a community service award at the 29th annual Los Altos-Los Altos Hills Joint Community Service Awards luncheon.  The award ceremony was written up (with accompanying picture) in the Los Altos Town Crier.

“Nominated by non-profit groups and selected by a 12-member committee, honorees represent involvement in a variety of areas, from schools to libraries and youth sports. The nine honorees selected this year include:”

“Sam Harding, a longtime Los Altos Rotary Club member who has been involved in a wide range of activities, from coaching baseball to involvement in the YMCA, the Community Health Awareness Council and the Palo Alto veterans’ hospital.”

Congrats Sam!

To read the full article and see his picture click here.

Congratulations John King, Keller-Williams Realty for being named one of the top 20 agents!

John King, Keller-Williams Realty was once again among the Keller-Williams top producing agents!  From John:

“In the recent Keller-Williams Out Front Magazine, I was named as one of the top 20 agents nationwide out of 85,000 Keller-Williams agents.  I came in at #19 and I appreciate the trust my clients have given me to assist them with their home selling and purchases.”

John also told PEA members that the he sold 14 homes for the #19 spot, contrasted with the #17 guy in Arizona who had to sell 135 homes to beat John.

Congratulations John!

Paul Kraus is the newest Emeritus Member!

Paul Kraus, recently retired from Goodco Press, was bestowed the honor of an Emeritus Membership from PEA.  While no longer allowed to promote business, Emeritus Membership provides a way for longtime members to stay in the loop with PEA by being invited to attend social events, weekly meetings, and by receiving the newsletter.

Paul had to meet criteria set by the PEA bylaws to become an Emeritus Member.  Emeritus Members must have been a PEA member for at least 10 years, be nominated by the Board of Directors, and be confirmed by a 3/4 majority vote by the general membership at a PEA breakfast meeting.

Congratulations to Paul for this award and recognition! We wish you the best in your retirement and are happy to have you stay in touch.

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