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Sleep Can Transform Your Life

McRoskey Mattress Expands Sleep as the New Lifestyle Status Symbol

Crawl into bed, fluff up your pillow, and sweet dreams…a good night’s sleep is so important that, without it, depression, obesity, cancer, memory, diabetes and more can compromise health and well-being. And yet, as many as 62% of adults in the US don’t get the sleep they need. Jill Bibo, Director of Retail Sales, at McRoskey Mattress Company quotes New York Times headlines, “Sleep is the New Status Symbol” and “Deep Sleep is Coveted.” A good mattress can make all the difference.

A family-owned business, McRoskey Mattress Company marks over 100-years as a City of San Francisco manufacturer with the mission to “enjoy life changing sleep.” The company’s products have a reputation for tasteful quality and comfort.

McRoskey’s 30 skilled, dedicated employees know how to please. Recognizing the growing trend of platform and adjustable bed, McRoskey can customize to just about every taste. Jill says that even with these expanded options the classic “box springs are still part of the comfort equation.”

The company went one step farther and invited a spectrum of clients, community members, and staff to try out and rate different mattress models. With this information and knowing each person’s specific needs, McRoskey guarantees that everyone walks away with a smile with their handcrafted mattresses, pillows, bed linens.

McRoskey’s new eCommerce website allows customers to order on-line with 24/7 help from knowledgeable staff via the “Chat” feature.

An April 26, 2017 Yelp posting quotes, “Queenly quality. Impeccable service. Your body and soul deserve a McRoskey.”

The Yelp quote is insightful since it is a rumored fact that even the Queen of England has slept on a McRoskey!

When most, hard to dispose of mattresses are discarded in the gutter, people prize McRoskey mattresses. They actually have a resale value.

Judy Johnson, owner of Unexpected Treasures estate liquidators, points out, “McRoskey mattresses are truly treasures.” Estate sale customers have told her that if she finds a McRoskey mattress at any of her estate sales to please let them know.

McRoskey Mattress Company showrooms are in Palo Alto and San Francisco with a mini showroom in the factory in the “Dogpatch Neighborhood” of San Francisco.

Robin McRoskey Acevedo, owner of McRoskey Mattress Company has been a member of the Peninsula Executives Association for over 14 years. For more information about McRoskey Mattress Company, visit their website.

Coming Next Month is the Small Business Resource Fair, Hosted by PEA member San Mateo Daily Journal

Coming up on April 30 is the Small Business Resource Fair, hosted by PEA member The San Mateo Daily Journal.

Interested in participating but need to know more? Click on the informational handout below:

>>> Palo Alto Small Business Resource Fair hosted by The San Mateo Daily Journal <<<

PEA will have their own booth at the fair, and we would love to see you! Come stop by and visit our table from 9 am to 1 pm at the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto.

If you are interested in becoming a partner at the fair, contact Skip Gould to get set up!

Palo Alto Small Business Resource Fair, hosted by PEA member The San Mateo Daily Journal

The San Mateo Daily Journal will be hosting the “Small Business Resource Fair” in Palo Alto on April 30, 2013.

The Daily Journal continues its high profile series of community Business Events with the Small Business Resource Fair, designed to help local small business owners and self-employed professionals thrive in today’s ever changing marketplace.  Small business means big business in the Bay Area.  If your company or organization markets to owners, C-level execs and self-employed professionals, then this event is vital for your success.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto

PEA member Skip Gould, San Mateo Daily Journal shared information about attending and sponsoring this event with PEA at last week’s meeting.  For more information on how to attend the seminar or how to become a sponsor, contact Skip!

Super Senior Solutions with Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons

Kaye Sharbrough’s business is called Senior Seasons and what they do is interview seniors and/or their families and match their preferences to senior housing.  The interview may be in person or over the telephone and could involve family members or a representative of the senior such an estate planner or fiduciary.  At the interview stage, Kaye establishes the clients’ care needs, geographical preferences, the type of living environment they prefer (cozy and snug?  light and airy? Etc.), type of activities that they like, and so on.  Having created a profile of the type of housing the client wants, Kaye matches the profile to facilities in a senior housing database that they have created.  Senior Seasons prepares a preliminary report that they review and discuss with the clients.

After this stage, Kaye gets the list down to a final report containing a short list of two to five choices that she suggests for a closer look.  She finds that most seniors are really not up for visiting more than five facilities and many seniors need a shorter list than that.  The clients may visit the facility on their own, with their family, or with Kaye.    She does recommend that the visit take place with Kaye there to assist.

Kaye illustrated the process of matching an individual client to the right senior housing through the stories of some of her clients.  The first client was Sue*.  Sue lived alone in Belmont in a condo that had stairs.  Sue was no longer driving and her children in Mountain View and Los Altos wanted to see her more often and more easily.  The solution for Sue was an independent apartment in Mountain View with services and transportation.  Independent living facilities have individual apartments that are either shared or private and vary in size.  They can include meals, activities, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, entertainment and emergency response.  To live at this type of facility, the client must be independent upon move in.  The month-to-month rental for this type of apartment ranges from $2,500 to $6,000.  Sue chose Redwood Villa in Mountain View.

Next, Kaye described a couple named Daniel* and Sarah*.  Sarah is wheelchair-bound from a skiing accident in the 1980’s.  Daniel was her caregiver and husband and was tired.  In addition to caring for her, he took care of the house and did the shopping and cooking.  They had in-home care but needed more.  For them, Kaye recommended an independent, assisted and memory facility like Woodside Terrace, Palo Alto Commons, or Atria Sunnyvale.  This type of facility has individual apartments and includes meals, activities, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, entertainment and emergency response.  Month-to-month rentals run from $2,900 to $6,000 (for residents with dementia the cost is $4,600 to $10,000 per month).

Finally, there was Cindy*.  Cindy was 92 years old, legally blind and living alone in Stockton when she began working with Kaye.  Her cousin, who was 85, lives in Los Altos and is involved in visiting and helping her get Veterans Benefits.  For Cindy, a residential care home has worked out perfectly.  Also called Board and Care, this is usually a single family home licensed for 4 to 20 residents.  Care givers are there 24 hours and provide all supportive services.  They can usually accept very frail folks and those with dementia.  Monthly fees run from $2,500 to $6,000.

Call Kaye Sharbrough and Senior Seasons if you need help finding senior housing.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas with PEA Businesses!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching (June 19th!).  Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband, uncle, dad, grandfather, or any other special man in your life featuring some of our PEA businesses:

Catering in 2011 with Bobbie Fakkema of Events, Etc…

Bobbie Fakkema of Events, Etc… recently shared with PEA how she has created new business opportunities in the recession.  Bobbie stressed during her talk how important it is to be flexible and willing to change.  She started a new branch of Events, Etc… last December called No Box Catering, providing local organic sustainable lunches for corporate workers without cafeterias.  She drops off platters of food that include a meat, vegetarian, salad, bread and butter, and dessert combination.  Then they come by to pick up the trays after the meal.  Currently, this branch of Bobbie’s business has about 150 clients, and although her short term goal is to serve 500 lunches per day, her long term goal is 4,000 per day.

Bobbie’s favorite type of job is event catering.  She showed PEA members some beautiful pictures from the many events she has catered over the years.  One of her favorite events was a birthday party featuring tables with green leaves for the tablecloth.  In lieu of traditional flowers, they used pods for flowers.  This is the type of event that Bobbie would like to see come back.

Although there are still concerns for Bobbie in the catering business (like increasing food costs), she prides herself on her focus on providing healthy, beautiful food!

Pillow Talk with Jill Bibo of McRoskey Mattress Company

Did you know May is Better Sleep month?  In honor of this, Jill Bibo of McRoskey Mattress Company talked to PEA about how important pillows are for better sleep.  Jill reminder us that it takes a comfortable mattress and a comfortable pillow for a really good nights sleep.

McRoskey‘s most recent and exciting addition to their Palo Alto showroom is a custom Pillow Bar.  This is the only Pillow Bar on the west coast and people have been visiting from all over the bay area to check it out.  The Pillow Bar really plays into McRoskey‘s philosophy of handcrafting the right pillow for the client as well as being locally made.  At the Pillow Bar, they assess the build of the customer as well as their primary sleeping position and find out what the client likes in a pillow.  Jill recently made two pillows for a daughter and mother that were in pursuit of the perfect pillows.  They were both petite stomach sleepers and thought McRoskey‘s pre-made soft pillow was too firm.  They were in heaven with the finished product.  Jill even embroidered their names on the pillows for the complete personal touch.

What better way to celebrate Better Sleep month than by creating your own personal pillow with McRoskey Mattress Company?  Thanks to Jill Bibo and Robin Azevedo for letting PEA in on McRoskey‘s latest addition!

Tips for Replacing Your Old Window Screens

by Randy Mills of Pioneer Services

The sun is out and it’s time to open up your home to the great weather and clean air. Once you start opening up the windows you realize that your screen have holes in them and a few screens are bent up or have broken plastic corners and need to be replaced. You can go to the hardware store and make your own or you can call a professional and have them made for you on the spot at your home. Make sure that you have the replacement screens made with mitered corners and metal inserts that will last a lifetime. Many of the original screens that came with the original windows that are available today come with plastic corners that become yellow and brittle over time. Sometimes you barely have to touch them and suddenly your screen folds in  two.  It’s worth your money to have them made correctly so that they will last another 30 years.

You have several choices when it comes to the actual screen mesh you choose. The old metal mesh is available at select dealers but it will eventually oxidize and cause spots to appear on your window glass that requires a mild acid wash to remove. You are better off sticking with fiberglass or pet screen. Fiberglass is now available in charcoal and grey for matching most applications. New fiberglass material is available that are GreenGuard Certified Products.  Both BetterVue and UltraVue fiberglass screen mesh meet these requirements. What is the difference you ask?


10% Better Insect Protection

10% Better Airflow

10 % Clearer View

Same Strength as Standard Fiberglass

Used For Window & Door Screens


20 % Better Insect Protection

15% Better Airflow

15% Clearer View

25% Less Durable Material

Used for Window Screen Only

Those of you who have pets that tear up your screens may want to consider Pet Screen. Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than standard fiberglass screen material. This stuff is as strong as it gets. It is made of strong Vinyl-coated polyester and is available in both black and grey material.

Whatever your needs, we at Pioneer Services can help. We carry all the products discussed above and come to your home to complete the work. Please feel free to give us a call at 650-248-388, fill out a  Request a Bid form or visit our Pioneer Services website for additional information.

Keratin Blow Out Special

Susan Scott of Expressions Salon is offering a special on the Keratin Blow Out and Service. This is normally a $150 to $200 service that she is offering to new customers for $75 to $100 as an introductory price.  The Keratin Blow Out is a service that smooths the frizzies out of curly hair and leaves the hair in amazing condition. The treatment lasts for 6 to 12 weeks.

Expressions Salon is located at 859 Oak Grove Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Contact Susan at 650-218-9747.

Arborwell Offers Holiday Light Installations

Have you got grand plans for your holiday lights? Consider hiring professional tree climbers to install your holiday lights for you!

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