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Meet Nichole Fox and Payroll City

Nichole Fox, Payroll City is one of PEA’s newer members.  She began her talk with a little background about Payroll City.  Nichole’s mom, Kathleen Fox, founded Payroll City in 2001 because she loves doing payroll.  Five years ago Nichole’s brother Adam Fox, a software developer, joined the company and began developing new software for Payroll City.  Nichole explained that they are unique because they are a small, family-run business and use in-house developed software.  This allows them to provide unique solutions for their clients.  They are a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Payroll Association, and they are registered IRS Tax Professionals.

Nichole shared some information she pulled from the Department of Labor, showing that most businesses have between 1 and 4 employees, with the next largest group being businesses with 5 to 9 employees.  Payroll City tries to make their services appealing to companies as large at 500 employees as well as small businesses.  They maintain a processor-to-client ratio of 1 to 125, which is lower that you usually find with larger payroll companies.  This helps them provide personal service to their clients.

The way Payroll City grows is through referrals, partnerships, an upcoming seminar series, and using their talents.  Nichole mentions that they do not compete in areas like HR, employee benefits, worker’s comp insurance, and TPA administration, and because of this they have many partners.  They can receive referrals from their partners because there is no worry about a conflict of business territory.

Payroll City has developed several customer-driven solutions to their clients’ payroll problems.  These include a robust payroll product, Quickbooks integration, point-of-sale integration, and a time and attendance product.  Nichole demonstrated the payroll product to start with.  She showed PEA how employees can securely login themselves if they need to access their past payroll information themselves.  Nichole explained that there is a lot of information available that can be broken down to the level of a single employee.  This is also when she showed how with one click, Quickbooks can be integrated with their payroll program.  This way, clients can maintain their information in Excel or Word, as needed, and this program will deposit all the information into Quickbooks.

Next, Nichole showed another piece of software Payroll City developed for point-of-sale integration.  This program resides externally from the point-of-sale system.  It extracts all of the necessary payroll data, and it can extract employees’ W-4 information and can even supplement when necessary.

Finally, Nichole showed a time and attendance program developed by them for companies that do not have a system already.  It is called the Payroll City FreeTime and this software can be connected to your main Payroll City account.  This allows you to send messages to employees and allows employees to leave notes explaining tardiness or changes to their timecard.

To see the video Nichole showed showcasing some of Payroll City‘s software, CLICK HERE!

Kaye Sharbough of Senior Seasons Interviewed on ABC7 on Finding Senior Housing

Kaye Sharbough, Senior Seasons was recently featured on ABC7’s show “Beyond the Headlines,” hosted by Cheryl Jennings.  This particular episode focused on elder care and Kaye was one of four studio guests.

Kaye describes Senior Seasons and their role as a referral agency for senior housing.  Click here to read Kaye’s post on Senior Seasons‘s website ‘Affordable Housing is Not Just a Dream’, the article Kaye refers to in her interview.

To see Kaye’s interview click here and start watching at the 13:10 mark.  Great job, Kaye!

Member video – How to Pack Wine for Moving

Are you moving your wine collection? Here’s some great tips from Tom Brown and All Reasons Moving on how to pack your wine bottles safely.

Member video – How to Clean Solar Panels

And here’s Randy Mills of Pioneer Services talking about how to clean solar panels.

Member video – Bankruptcy Red Flags

Check out the new video by PEA member Brian Irion, Law Offices of Brian Irion, on trends and red flags in bankruptcy.

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