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Sleep Can Transform Your Life

McRoskey Mattress Expands Sleep as the New Lifestyle Status Symbol

Crawl into bed, fluff up your pillow, and sweet dreams…a good night’s sleep is so important that, without it, depression, obesity, cancer, memory, diabetes and more can compromise health and well-being. And yet, as many as 62% of adults in the US don’t get the sleep they need. Jill Bibo, Director of Retail Sales, at McRoskey Mattress Company quotes New York Times headlines, “Sleep is the New Status Symbol” and “Deep Sleep is Coveted.” A good mattress can make all the difference.

A family-owned business, McRoskey Mattress Company marks over 100-years as a City of San Francisco manufacturer with the mission to “enjoy life changing sleep.” The company’s products have a reputation for tasteful quality and comfort.

McRoskey’s 30 skilled, dedicated employees know how to please. Recognizing the growing trend of platform and adjustable bed, McRoskey can customize to just about every taste. Jill says that even with these expanded options the classic “box springs are still part of the comfort equation.”

The company went one step farther and invited a spectrum of clients, community members, and staff to try out and rate different mattress models. With this information and knowing each person’s specific needs, McRoskey guarantees that everyone walks away with a smile with their handcrafted mattresses, pillows, bed linens.

McRoskey’s new eCommerce website allows customers to order on-line with 24/7 help from knowledgeable staff via the “Chat” feature.

An April 26, 2017 Yelp posting quotes, “Queenly quality. Impeccable service. Your body and soul deserve a McRoskey.”

The Yelp quote is insightful since it is a rumored fact that even the Queen of England has slept on a McRoskey!

When most, hard to dispose of mattresses are discarded in the gutter, people prize McRoskey mattresses. They actually have a resale value.

Judy Johnson, owner of Unexpected Treasures estate liquidators, points out, “McRoskey mattresses are truly treasures.” Estate sale customers have told her that if she finds a McRoskey mattress at any of her estate sales to please let them know.

McRoskey Mattress Company showrooms are in Palo Alto and San Francisco with a mini showroom in the factory in the “Dogpatch Neighborhood” of San Francisco.

Robin McRoskey Acevedo, owner of McRoskey Mattress Company has been a member of the Peninsula Executives Association for over 14 years. For more information about McRoskey Mattress Company, visit their website.

360 Payment Solutions to Receive Small Business of the Year Award

360-payment-solutionsThe San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce has chosen 360 Payment Solutions Small Business of The Year. The award will be presented at the Annual Membership Dinner on Thursday, February 2th at the Double Tree by Hilton in San José.

360 Payment Solutions offers affordable credit/debit card processing payment acceptance solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Lisa Coyle, Jesse Meddaugh, and Steve Ciabattoni started 360 Payment Solutions with no outside investment in March of 2011, and the young company now provides credit card processing for nearly 3,000 small and mid-sized businesses throughout Silicon Valley. The company’s organic growth can be attributed to its belief in full disclosure and high standard of ethics in an unregulated financial industry. 360 Payments has been recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing private companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal the last two years.

360 Payment Solutions  is a proud member of the Peninsula Executives Association, an active referral network of San Francisco Peninsula business professionals. Though diverse in the variety of businesses represented, we are united since 1978 by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of business owners and operators.

For more information, please contact 360 Payment Solutions at 408-295-8360 or via email.

About Peninsula Executives Association (PEA)

Peninsula Executives Association (PEA) is an active referral network of San Francisco Peninsula business professionals. We come together weekly to expand our understanding, exchange business leads, and socialize over breakfast.

Though diverse in the variety of businesses represented, we are united by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of business owners and operators.

For more information


Excellence in Healthcare Award Goes to PEA Member and Surgeon Al Butner


Dr. Alfred Butner is a Health Care HeroPEA members turned out in force to celebrate the awarding of the Excellence in Healthcare (a.k.a Healthcare Hero) Award to long-time member Dr. Alfred Butner at a ceremony on August 8, 2013.  The award was presented by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Al had a 42-year medical career as a general surgeon and has been responsible for many “firsts” throughout his career.  He helped expand minimally invasive surgery to general surgery and was one of the first surgeons to use this type of technique for gallbladder surgery.  His practice was initially general surgery with an interest in breast diseases.  By the end of his career, he was focused on breast surgery, including diagnosis, treatment, and providing second opinions.  Before his retirement in 2012, he helped establish a breast care clinic at the Veteran’s Administration Palo Alto Health Care System.  Read more about Al’s career accomplishments on the Silicon Valley Business Journal website.

Speaking personally, I know of no physician more deserving of this award than Dr. Butner.  I have never known a doctor as committed to his patients, to keeping up with the latest information and technology, or as kind and giving of his time and advice as Dr. Butner.  I have been the grateful recipient many times of Dr. Butner’s medical advice on issues that worried me, whether they were my own personal health concerns or concerns regarding a family member or friend.  He somehow manages to be a straight shooter while also wrapping his information in kindness.  I have worked with Dr. Butner as well as been a patient and I can attest to the high esteem in which his patients hold him.  He has been semi-retired for several years and there are many former patients who have chosen to continue to see him whenever he is available to see them.  I can’t count the times a patient expressed deep relief that he was still available for consultations during this time.  We even had some patients travel from out of state to continue to see him!  I think this speaks volumes not only about his expertise but also on his ability to connect with patients, a rare quality in a surgeon.

Dr. Alfred Butner has been an enthusiastic member of the Peninsula Executives Association since 1984.  He was awarded the Craig Calkins Memorial Executive of the Year award in 2003 and served as President from March 2005 through February 2006.  He was awarded the highest honor at PEA, Honorary Membership in 2009.

HR Consulting, Investigations, and Expert Witness Services from Maureen Clark, Three Sixty HR, Inc. (formerly Clark Associates)

Maureen Clark, Three Sixty HR, Inc. (formerly Clark Associates) recently spent some time explaining to PEA members how her business has grown and changed in the last couple of years.  Maureen began Clark Associates in 1985 and joined PEA in 1986.  Michelle Walsh joined her in 2010.   The business became an LLC in 2011 and incorporated in 2012.  Maureen is currently working on obtaining her CA Private Investigator License.   By becoming a private investigator, Maureen will be able to do internal investigations into HR issues.

Maureen went on to explain the three aspects of her business.

1) HR Consulting

HR consulting is what Maureen has been doing from the beginning.  Topics she covers includes legal protection for discrimination, harassment, whistle blowing, retaliation, disabilities, and leave of absence.  She can also advise on issues around pay and benefits (like exempt vs nonexempt), timekeeping, make-up time, overtime, meal and rest breaks, telecommuting, and independent contractors.  She also advises on due process issues, like terminations.  With HR consulting, Maureen’s clients are the employers.  She can help them do things like write employee handbooks and disability documentation.

2) HR Investigations

HR investigations is like a subset of her larger work in HR consulting.  This would include looking into complaints or suspicion of complaints.  Maureen is looking into what is really involved with potential complaints since sometimes employees might have the right to complain but aren’t aware of it.  Ultimately, her role is to conduct an independent investigation into whether the complaints are substantiated.  In investigations, her clients and employers or employers’ legal counsel.  With attorney/client privilege involved, they often need an independent investigator.

3) HR Expert Witness

Maureen had her first case as an expert witness eight or nine years ago.  Maureen describes HR expert witness work as subset of her work in investigations.  As an expert witness, Maureen’s clients are the legal counsel for the plaintiff or the defense.  When she is doing expert witness work, Maureen is looking at what really happened to the employee, which can be difficult since the employee is often no longer there.

Summarizing her work, Maureen explained that consulting is when she helps an employer keep on the right track.  Investigations happen when they are starting to go awry, and expert witness work happens when something has gone completely off the track.  All the work still revolves around the same core topics.  A good consulting lead for Maureen is small to mid-size employers.  For internal investigations, a good lead is employers of any size, HR executives, or legal counsel (internal or external).  A good lead for expert witness work is external legal counsel.

Finally, Maureen shared a link to consumer information about insurance coverage through California’s health exchange – CoveredCA. She explained that the information is very readable and encouraged PEA members to take a look at it HERE (full link:

Palo Alto Hardware, Ocean Shore Hardware, Willow Glen Hardware, and Wisnom Hardware all become Hassett Hardware!

PEA member Larry Hassett, who will be celebrating his 20th year in PEA in September, recently announced that his four hardware stores are being renamed to Hassett ACE Hardware!

Larry’s sons Eric and Richard have posted this announcement about the recent name change:

In 1957, Bob Hassett opened up the first Hassett Hardware store, hoping to supply and serve his Campbell neighborhood with hardware and trade tools.  Little did he know that his philosphy of “customer service above all else” would be carried through to a third generation of Hassetts.  As his son Larry, and now his grandons Richard and Eric continue to grow the family business to our current four locations (Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto, San Mateo and Willow Glen) we think it’s time to honor our family hardware history by using the Hassett name as a beacon to our customers of the great service offered at all Hassett ACE Hardware stores.  We are thrilled to carry on the family-owned tradition at our San Mateo store (formerly Wisnom’s Hardware) a local family-owned business since 1905; and our store in Half Moon Bay that has been locally-owned and serving the Coastside for over 40 years.

As we continue to expand, we want to stay true to our mission: To provide the best service and product selection for the communities we serve, by empowering our family of associates to always male it right; for every customer, every time. And we want our customers to know when they’re in a Hassett ACE Hardware and that we’ll provide the same level of great customer service they’ve come to expect.  We want you to know who we are, so when you see your statement, or you call a store for help, you’ll see and hear the Hassett name and know that you’re in good hands.

Our door is always open and we’d love to introduce ourselves to you.  Anytime you’re in one of our stores, ask for us and help us be in better touch with the communities we serve.

Congratulations on the big change Larry!  To learn more about Hassett ACE Hardware stores, visit their website.

Peninsula Executives Association member Hassett Hardware


Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio Shares a Recent Project with PEA

Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio specializes in the design of information. Erik explains more on his website:

“Information design: The communication of data, systems and concepts by visual means. Good information design fosters understanding, making the complex approachable and prompting new insights.

Threestory Studio designs custom information graphics for presenters in science & medicine, for marketing communications professionals in the technology industry and for journalists and publishers of news and books.

Our information graphics (or “infographics”) are custom designs that fit your purpose and extend your brand.”

Erik recently finished a project for the Palo Alto Networks Research Center Blog.  His beautiful design can be seen HERE!  Spend some time clicking on the ‘Key Questions’ on the left hand side of the screen and watch his design shift to show you the answers.

Great job Erik!

(Full link:

Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s Autoworks were recently featured in Shop Owner Magazine!

Long time PEA members Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry’s Autoworks was recently featured in a nationwide magazine, Shop Owner Magazine!

In the article, Larry describes how he first got into the auto repair business and the ways he adapts to the changes in his industry.  He emphasizes in the article how important networking has been for him over the last 30 years.

Being a member of local business groups has helped me stay on top of what is going on locally and also make ­adjustments. Business is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay in touch with others in the same boat. Some of my most effective business practices have come from discussions with other business owners.

Their article can be found in the featured articles section on Shop Owner Magazine’s home page, or you can click to read the full article here!

Congratulations Larry, Laurie, and the whole team at Larry’s Autoworks!

PEA Member John W. King, Keller Williams Realty is Blogging about UNreal Estate in the Bay Area

PEA member John W. King, Keller Williams Realty has recently started blogging (with the help of Neal Coogler and Melanie Maxwell of All About Business Services)! He already has two great posts up on his blog, UNreal Estate Blog.

John talks about interesting and unusual things happening in the real estate market on the Peninsula and in Silicon Valley.  With topics like “Bad Appraisal Nets Seller Big Dollars!?” and “Crazy Bidding Wars! Back to the Future, Again?“, John brings his 30 years of Bay Area real estate experience and his intimate knowledge of the market together in fun articles.

He is posting regularly at UNreal Estate Blog, so check out his posts and subscribe to stay updated!

Palo Alto Small Business Resource Fair, hosted by PEA member The San Mateo Daily Journal

The San Mateo Daily Journal will be hosting the “Small Business Resource Fair” in Palo Alto on April 30, 2013.

The Daily Journal continues its high profile series of community Business Events with the Small Business Resource Fair, designed to help local small business owners and self-employed professionals thrive in today’s ever changing marketplace.  Small business means big business in the Bay Area.  If your company or organization markets to owners, C-level execs and self-employed professionals, then this event is vital for your success.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto

PEA member Skip Gould, San Mateo Daily Journal shared information about attending and sponsoring this event with PEA at last week’s meeting.  For more information on how to attend the seminar or how to become a sponsor, contact Skip!

A California Property Tax Reminder from John W. King, Keller Williams Realty

PEA member John W. King, Keller Williams Realty wanted to send everyone this quick reminder!

This is just a gentle reminder that today, Monday, December 10th is date that the 1st installment of property taxes are due for fiscal year 2012-2013 for California property owners, before they become deliquent and you incur a 10% penalty.  You need to have your payment postmarked today.  As an option, you can go directly to the assessor’s website to pay your bill online but you might incur a processing fee depending on how your payment is made.

Santa Clara County is

These links were obtained from a Google Search so please make certain for yourselves that these are valid sites.  Hope this is helpful for you.

If you don’t own a home, did you know that property taxes are deductible?

Thanks John! Don’t forget to check out John’s current listings and get more information at!

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