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Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio Shares a Recent Project with PEA

Erik Jacobsen, Threestory Studio specializes in the design of information. Erik explains more on his website:

“Information design: The communication of data, systems and concepts by visual means. Good information design fosters understanding, making the complex approachable and prompting new insights.

Threestory Studio designs custom information graphics for presenters in science & medicine, for marketing communications professionals in the technology industry and for journalists and publishers of news and books.

Our information graphics (or “infographics”) are custom designs that fit your purpose and extend your brand.”

Erik recently finished a project for the Palo Alto Networks Research Center Blog.  His beautiful design can be seen HERE!  Spend some time clicking on the ‘Key Questions’ on the left hand side of the screen and watch his design shift to show you the answers.

Great job Erik!

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