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You Created a Facebook Business Page – Now What?

Another great guest post from Kim Tucker of All Reasons Moving.

Now that you’ve created your Facebook business page, you should:

–Log in every day, check for customer comments. If someone posts a question or comment to your page you want to respond right away. A customer will not be happy if they ask a question or post a comment and don’t get a response for weeks or months.

–Post a new feed at least once a week. Really you should be posting two-three times per week but if you find that too demanding start with once a week.

–Post pictures. You can post pictures of your product. Highlight your staff if you have employees. Post specials you may be running. Post pictures of your work.

–Do you have a Blog? Post the link to your blog on your FB Page so people can click the link to read and comment on your Blog.

    Social Media is about Networking. If you go to an event to represent your business, you can’t expect to get business standing in the corner waiting for people to approach you. You need to introduce yourself and make new friends and new connections. You need to work the room, the same applies with Social Media.

    Thanks again, Kim!

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