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Tip of the Week: Getting Internet Reviews

by Neal Coogler

Getting reviews is an important way of both improving your visibility on the Internet (getting better Google search juice) and getting business through recommendations.  Here are some tips gleaned from Search Engine Journal (see for the full article) on a strategy for getting reviews:

  1. Do not fabricate reviews yourself or ask for fake reviews.
  2. Check your reviews. Search on your company name + phone number and you will find reviews on your business (plus other places where information about your business is listed you may not have known about).
  3. If possible, thank those who have left reviews. Many sites allow you to either send the reviewer a message directly or to write a response to the review. When you respond, you could ask them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, and “ultimately create loyal customers who can be called on in the future for helping with your online reputation.”
  4. Choose a few sites that you want to promote as the places for customers to go to leave reviews.  Don’t ask for reviews on only one review site or for too many – keep the focus on two or three.

Here’s my question for PEA members who are already asking customers to leave reviews: which review sites are you using and why?  I’ll publish the responses to this next week.

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